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Reviving the Past through Fine Woodworking

By Janice Randall

“I like to solve problems, I always want to be challenged” says Brad Davis, founder of Wooden Automotive Coach Work, B.D. Wood Construction, Inc. “I really love it—I use my imagination; my hands have a mind of their own. I take so much pleasure out of restoring these vehicles. They have such beautiful lines. There’s something about tinkering, solving problems and making something better than it is. I love it.”


Davis, a lifetime woodworker and craftsman, specializes in restoring coach and trim for primarily pre-1940’s automobiles. He has fully restored a dozen vehicles and partially restored another 35.


Brad’s client list includes well-known race announcer, Sam Posey, owner of a 1951 Plymouth Woody and a 1920’s fire truck, both of which Davis restored to their original grandeur. He also restored an 1890 Benz for car illustrator, John Peckham.


Davis admits to putting a lot of himself into each project. “My philosophy is to give the client exactly what they want. I know how much these people care about their cars and that’s very important. I treat every project as if it were my own.”


He says a recent project recreating a Model T truck cab was one of his most challenging and rewarding so far. “It was one of my favorites because the owner was very involved. Being engaged with the owner is a big part of it; it becomes a co-creation and this way a high level of satisfaction is virtually guaranteed.”


Davis, originally from Connecticut, says his love for cars began at an early age.  “My father was a racer and he started the Lime Rock Race Track in Lakeville, Connecticut, so I grew up around cars and car enthusiasts.”


In 1975, Davis moved to Seattle, Washington, to learn cabinet making and house building from one of the best programs offered at the time, through South Seattle Community College. He found Vashon Island while I helping a friend remodel a house there.


Eventually he returned to the East Coast where he opened a cabinet shop in a little complex of “car-head people” in Salsbury, Conncticut. “There were two people there that restored Morgans and another guy in Millerton, New York that I’d make pieces for as they needed them. Then I got into more restorations from friends and associations with people from the race track. It was a nice setup, contractors would just come and ask me to build cabinets and things for them, people would bring me cars to restore, I didn’t have to do any marketing or go anywhere.”


But the Northwest had captured his imagination and he returned several years later to attend Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, where he met his future wife, Meg. They settled down on Vashon Island. “I got into drum-making and traveled with James Hillman, Robert Bly and Michael Meade--went to their conferences and sold my drums.”


He also spent several years winning many trophies as a professional high performance go-cart racer.


With a wife and two children, a home in the woods on Vashon and the need for more consistency, he acquired his general contractor’s license and began a decade of remodeling homes and crafting custom cabinetry.


“I got back into the wooden automotive work because my spirit needed more ‘juice.’ I decided it was time to take all my years of experience and passion in woodworking and my love of old cars and come full circle in my life to create Wooden Automotive Coach Work. “So far, it’s been a wonderful experience”.


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