Model T Ford

1917 Ford Model TT Dump Truck


This hand-crank-dump Ford truck had spent too many nights outside with no protection. The framework and roofing material had badly rotted away, the floor had disappeared and the doors were missing altogether. I began by taking the cab off the dump frame and pealing away the rotten material so I could see how to approach the repair.

cab close up

The cab provided a ghostly image of what it was supposed to look like.

starting to fit it together

After spending some time evaluating the structural integrity of the wood and the relationships the doors had to the front and the roof I could start clamping the existing pieces together with jigs to hold them in place while I repaired the rotten wood.

finished door

I made the door framing out of 2" red oak. The roof framework was repaired the same way. After the doors fit, I had a metal smith make metal skins for them. I installed the metal and shaped the frame for an even fit all the way around

the cab rebuilt with new doors and roof framing

Following completion of my work , my client contracted with a body shop to prepare the remaining metalwork and painting.