Fiat Gordini

This was an early project that arrived at my shop as a pile of pieces with much missing. There were no plans, not even good photographs from which to work.

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early stages

Here the basic framework is complete and the building the upper structure is just underway. One of the most difficult aspects of this project was understanding the relationship all the unmarked pieces had to each other. I began by clamping up the existing parts to see what made the most sense.

building the cab framework 

Once I got the front cowling in place I could see how the entry openings and rear entry opening posts were located. This enabled me to design and develop methods to build the complex compound angles and curves that make up the framing for the tail section.

figuring out the lines

A template in use to try to bring the compound curves together.

rolling off the assembly line 

The completed framework project rolls off to the next phase of its restoration.

see a slide show of the  whole project -

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