Sam Posey Plymouth Woody

Posey family Plymouth

The family wanted to keep as much original wood as possible so the restoration doesn't look as good as it might but we did manage to preserve every bit of the old wood possible and still turn out a structurally sound restoration.

the extent of the rot 

The car had been left out in the rain too much and suffered decay in the typical places where joints, fasteners and wear allow moisture penetration of protective finishes.

scarfing out

After taking apart as much structure as necessary to get at the rotten wood, scarf joint splices had to be created in place, on the car, rather than on a nice stable work bench.

back together

Reshaping of the rabbeted joint that allows the rear lids to close properly was also necessary.  Although the extensive scarfing is visible, most of the car is still all original wood.

completed restoration

A very nice example of a Plymouth Woody, back on the road, successfully restored. 

see a slide show of the  whole project -

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