1917 TT Ford

This truck came to me from a gentleman in Snohomish, WA. who responded to my ad in Hemmings Motor News.   It had been his grandfathers, then his fathers, then sat for 40 years.

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It arrived June, '07.  The cab was not restorable.  The front wood spoke wheels had already been done by an Oregon company.

restoring the floor

After carefully removing the cab, the process of recreating the floor system begins.  For this project, Ash wood was used.

new cab wall panels are fitted

New panels get fitted to the floor system and left long at the top prior to fitting the roof.

fitting cab roof

With all four sides in place, fitting the cab roof pieces begins.  After this, the ribs are fitted, then covered with 7/16ths bead board.


Years ago, after a storm that damaged the truck, the original owner used a Chevy sign that was laying out in the street for repairs.

and after...

One month later, the finished truck is ready to roll out.

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