Model T Ford

Exceed expectations:

1917 TT Ford

plymouthCab Restoration

Scope:  Fabricate complete new cab

B.D. re-created the cab for this truck to match the remains of the old one, using ash and fir.  Read more...

Sam Posey's Plymouth

plymouthWoody Restoration

Scope:  Replace only rotted wood areas

Lower door and rear quarter panel sections of this beautiful Plymouth woody were restored leaving as much of the original wood as possible

Fiat Gordini Roadster

plymouthA True Basket Case

Scope:  Build a car where there was none

A pile of old wood pieces and the chassis was all BD had to re-create this roadster.

Ford Dump Truck

Ford Dump TruckSaved From the Dump

Scope:  Rebuild very rotted cab, replace missing floor

This early 1900 hand-crank dump truck came to me looking like a ghost.

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